Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend at the Buttes

We had a wonderful relaxing weekend. Bryce and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary together and stayed overnight at the Buttes. We missed Austin so much, that we brought him back the next day. We figured, this is probably one of our last times to swim before it gets to cold. Bryce was so cute with Austin (as always). They played for hours, going down slides, playing softball and volleyball. I was able to read Deception Point and lay out (Yippee!!). It was a perfect day! Austin hasn't been feeling very well, so this cheered him up.
The weather is already starting to cool off and we are super excited about all the outdoor activities! This is why we live in AZ.


Danny P said...

Happy anniversary girl! I love the Buttes! My last final is 12/15 so Maya and I will be home mid-Dec and Dan will follow closer to Christmas. Did I tell you we are moving back to AZ this April-May when I'm done with school? I got an externship in Phoenix doing real estate litigation over the summer! I'm so excited!

By the way, do you remember Garret Miner? He just started law school here and we are in the same ward! What a small world!

Ami Bethea said...

How fun! Happy Anniversary and I can't wait to see you Friday too. Hopefully it'll be worth waking up SO early for!! See ya at 9!

Ashley said...

Fun times. I love the Buttes

Family Journal said...

Its so hard when you are having a great time, but are unable to stop thinking about your kids! Looks like you had a great time!