Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Three months

Gavin is such a funny kid. He eats, burps, grunts, and farts like a man. He is growing at an incredible speed. We love all the joy he has brought to our family,(and the sleepless nights).

I can't believe we caught Gavin's first laugh on video. It was such a special moment!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cancun Baby

We brought our 12 week year old to Cancun over the weekend. He did pretty well. He had a hard time sleeping at night though.

Enjoying the beautiful Resort.

Matt just arrived and we talked for hours. It was nice to not be on a schedule.

Our wonderful friends, the Ellsworths & Bucks. We love you guys!! We had the BEST time with you!!!!

We were able to walk on the beach alone while Matt watched the baby. Thanks Uncle Matty!

The boys showing their stuff.

I love ya girls!!

Gavin was being a stinker on the plane ride home. He was exhausted,but would not let himself sleep. Bryce and I took turns bouncing him for four hours.

Thanks Cardons & Grandma Jann for watching our little Austin. We didn't have to worry one minute. He had a great time!!!