Saturday, December 22, 2007

Out to Lunch

Barros is such a fun place to go with children. Ami, Elisha, and I had the best time chatting, while our kids had a blast playing with each other.

My really good friend Janee is in town from Michigan. She is almost done with Law School. (You go girl!!) We are all so proud of her. We especially can't wait until her family moves here so we can play with baby Maya.
I love seeing friends turn into such loving mothers. Lisa just had a baby girl, Lillian, and Robin is pregnant with a boy! It is always fun to see everyone and their cute kids.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Outings!

After a crazy time pushing our way through the mall, we have been enjoying some movies. Austin can sit through an entire movie on the big screen. I would highly recommend August Rush and Enchanted!

This year has been extra fun going to see the Temple lights. Austin was excited about all the beautiful colors and decorations. He loves to watch the videos inside the Temple also.

We took Austin to see the Nutcracker at the Mesa Arts Center. He really enjoyed the parts with the mice. I felt bad because we were in the second row, and Austin was switching seats every so often. We got the evil eye from a lady in front of us.(Keep in mind, he is two) He was very quite, but sitting for two hours watching ballet is a stretch. I kept it under control for the most part. This event truly helps you feel the joy of Christmas. It was an incredible show.

Austin isn't scared of Santa anymore. WHOOPEE! No crying, screaming or kicking. I don't think he completely comprehends the entire story, but Santa gives him candy. All I want for Christmas is a new addition to our family. Nothing makes me happier than being together!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


As I was wrapping presents tonight, and feeling completely stressed out, I got to thinking.....
Having a combined over 40 family members , friends, etc. Christmas is not what it use to be. I love the big family events, Temple lights, traditions, decorarions, parties, and all the joy Christmas has to offer. I don't enjoy the pressure of getting everyone a perfect gift. I do want to make sure everyone knows how important they are to us though. I don't mean to be a Scrooge, but I have been to the Mall about 5 times in the past two weeks and am not even half way done. I guess I should have prepared and shopped all year for everyone, but I didn't. Nothing makes me happier then seeing my son, family, friends get a gift they love. I would personally rather see their smiling faces, then recieve a gift myself. I just feel Christmas has turned into an excuse to overcharge your credit card. As we were at the Temple watching the movie Luke 2, I left feeling so grateful that Christ was born. I wish Christmas wasn't so much about a million gifts. I know Grandma will spoil my son , and thats what Grandmas do best, but I want to make sure our traditions are all about truly celebrating Christ birth. I know this will be a wonderful year with Austin being 2 1/2 seeing his face light up Christmas morning, and I guess it will all be worth it. "Bah! Humbug!"