Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jumping cousins

My sister lives on two acres and her house is like Disney Land. As soon as I step onto her property, responsibilities are off my mind. They have everything imaginable for children, and adults. Austin and his cousins jumped on the trampolines for hours .I was able to drive a Back-hoe tractor and move some hay for their horses, let me tell you, SUPER FUN! Bryce was riding the skate ramp and showing off his skills. When we go over there, I feel like a kid again, Sometimes I can get a little crazy. But then reality hits when we realize its MIDNIGHT and we have to get our baby home.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My baby is swimming!

Bryce is such an amazing coach with Austin. He has taught him baseball, basketball, soccer, football, golf, and swimming! Bryce makes Austin really work for it. He is such a great father. We are always so happy when daddy comes home! It means game time.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Austin's Gymnastics

Austin has a little gymnastics class on Wednesdays that he absolutely loves! We go with his cousin, Shelby. They play so nice together. His favorite trick is his somersault. He just started getting more interested in the balance beam. We are so proud of him and all his little talents.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Birthday Weekend!

I have to say, I think Bryce made this my very best birthday of all time! First, I wake up to a dozen gorgeous red roses and a sweet and romantic card. Then, we got a massage together, I even got to go shopping at Forever 21.(Yippee, shopping with no kids Rocks!) After that we went to check into our room at the Buttes. When I walked into the room there were chocolate covered strawberries ready to devourer. We enjoyed our favorite dessert and hung out for a while, enjoying the silence. I was craving sea food, so we went to a restaurant called 'Wild Fish', which I would highly reccomend. We were having such a great time, that I didn't realize we were done with our meal just hanging for about an hour. The waiter brought over a huge ghirardelli chocolate cake with ice cream that said 'Happy BIrthday Becky'( as you can see!)
We swam the next day. Bryce got super burnt. My favorite part was being able to read with no interruptions. We also saw 'Rush Hour 3'. We headed over to Grandmas for a huge family party. It was a blast! Heather has a birthday on Aug. 27th, so we were able to celebrate together.
My wonderful mother in-law watched Austin. We didn't have to worry one minute about him. She is so great with him, and we feel so blessed to have her in our lives. Austin was happy to see us when we walked in, but very exhausted from all the weekend fun. It was funny because when we were ready to take Austin home we said," Let's go Austin."
He said, "Bye mommy, love you."
Poor lil guy, he thought he was going to stay with grandma and get spoiled one more night. Sorry bud,he finally came with us and we all had a great night sleep when we got home.