Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

We headed off to the ER again after Austin fell at the park. It was very scary because there was so much blood.(I wont go into to much detail!) When we got to the ER they cleaned his chin up, and he got liquid stitches.I was very grateful the cut was horizontal. If it wasn't, they were going to do regular stitches. He is doing great, and everything is healing good.

We had a wonderful Easter morning. I put three Easter bunnies outside Austin's door in when he woke up. He was so excited! We told him the bunnies left him a surprise in the backyard. He ran outside picking up all he could find. I made a yummy picnic breakfast . Austin ate to much candy, so he passed on breakfast.(The poor kid never gets any sweets.)

We went over to my parents for our annual tradition egg hunt. My mom made a deliciuos dinner. It was such beautiful weather that day. The Fam played a competitive football game till dark. All of us women sat and laughed over all the funny jokes and plays the guys made. We ended the night with a spiritual lesson from my wise father. Easter is such a wonderful Holiday!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Can you believe there are three pregnant women in this picture. From left to right, Mama, Laura(had her baby boy the following day), me, Jen(pregnant w/ a girl), Heather(pregnant w/ a boy, according to the ring test), and Krista.

Babies, Babies everywhere!!! It has been so exciting in our family lately;
Ryan & Stacey- Baby Emily Kate Wyler. She is absolutely beautiful!

Derek & Laura-Baby Reef Carson Lofgreen. He is such a good baby!

Isn't it amazing what we go through as women to have our babies. We had the most inspirational talks at church last week about mothers. I am so grateful to be a mother. It brings me joy everyday.