Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Football with the boys!!

Greg, Bryce, and James.
Bryce has been in Heaven this week. Everyday he has either played basketball or football. It is so fun to watch him play.

The Players!!

Matty running over to say "HI".


Greg and Chelsea Spilsbury said...

Greg cant wait for round two!

Ashley said...

Sounds like fun...well let's be honest not to me;) Presley was so excited to go with all of you, she does love her auntie stacey, that was so nice of Jan to think of stacey's niece. Your family is beautiful, I haven't seen your newest one.

Jen Olson Brown said...
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Jen Olson Brown said...

Hey Becky! (ignored my typo comment before). We miss you guys and it'd be great to get together! if you're interested in joining a book club, let me know!! :-)