Saturday, December 12, 2009


Gavin all bundled up at the Queen Creek Christmas party

Progressive Dinner. Lawana & Kim.(Barb off to the side)

Gavin getting into the cabinets....AGAIN.

This is what I came home to after shopping. I love that my husband still plays.hahaha

Santa with my boys

Sister shopping spree.

Jonah, Mayer & Austin

We were honored to have Savannah for a night. She is the sweetest little girl. The kids had a blast!!

Bryce & Matty

I love my little Jen. She is always a joy to be around

Savannah, Shelby, and Austin

Austin got a shirt at the Suns game. He couldn't talk when the cheerleader came by him

At Arby's after watching New Moon. High rollers

Lots of bike rides these days with the beautiful weather.


Chad and Amanda said...

Love all the pics! Miss you so much!

Janee said...

FUN! I love all the pics too! You have such a beautiful fam girl! Yes, let's definately get together after the holidays! We are moving on the 28th so we'll have to have you guys over to our new place!

Ok that pic of Austin and Bryce made me laugh out loud! Too cute!

Aimee's Family Journal said...

I am laughing at the picture with Autsin and the cheerlieader. Even at that age, they know "hot". And can't get the words out. I love your cute little boy. That is funny!