Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th 0f July weekend


Ashley came to visit for the 4th!

Enjoying some fireworks on the roof

Baltimore Harbor

At the Light House

Yummy Ice Cream

Dancing to the local jazz music
Eating @ Rusty Scuppper at the Inner Harbor. We ate TONS of sea food. Bryce and Austin broke the crab for us to share. MMMMMMM!

Oh how I love the baby bjorn!

My husbands DREAM!! We played here for hours!


Ezra, Kian, & Eden said...

It looks like you guys are having tons of fun! I can't believe the pictures of you guys in jeans! Must be nice. ;) Just the thought of putting long pants on makes me cringe...too, too hot here in AZ for that kind of silliness!

Danny Boy and Us said...
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Danny Boy and Us said...

Hey, thanks for coming today. We had a lot of fun. The name of the crackers is Breton. I'm sure you can find them at any supermarket.
Let me know how NYC goes. We'll have tons of fun. I love the city.

Danny Boy and Us said...

I meant you'll have ton of fun in NYC :)

Aaron and Melanie Gordon said...

Your boys are so handsome!!