Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Washington DC

The White House!

Feeding a squirrel at the White House.

DC Temple. It is Gorgeous!

Washington Monument.

Anna Banana flew with us to Baltimore. She is the sweetest sister ever! We had tons of fun together! Happy Times!!


Janee said...

That's Anna?! Omg she's all grown up! My uncle is getting married in the DC Temple in Aug so we'll definitely have to hook up while I'm there!

Melanie said...

looks like you guys are having fun. We miss you

Mr. and Mrs. Pope said...

one of these days we'll make it down to DC . . but if you ever get the urge to venture up to CT give us a call! your boys are sooo cute. . love their little matching gap shirts and hats!

Ami Bethea said...

Cool! I went to DC with my boys when they were little too when Kyle was stationed at the air force base there. It's a fun place to see, very historical. Cute pictures!