Monday, July 16, 2007

Ryan and Stacey's Wedding!

Ryan and Stacey got married in Pinetop last weekend. It was a very beautiful ceremony. Ryan kept looking at Stacey with the biggest smile. They are so in love and we are very happy for them. Stacey, and all of her sisters,have the most gorgeous blue eyes. All of the nieces and nephews were so well behaved. They all had a great time afterwards outside running around together. It was such a wonderful day!


Family Journal said...

Hey what is staceys last name? I think that is my friend! I haven't spoken to her in a while, and she looks a little different in the pictures. I would love to know, and am so glad she is happy!! Is Ryan your brother?

Ami Bethea said...

That's so awesome that Ryan got remarried! He looks so happy. I'm back from my trips so let's play!! What do you say, Makutu's Island next week?? CALL ME!